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Saturday, May 15, 2004

.anOtheR onE addeD to thE lisT.

as of today, eric bana has officially been added to my rapidly increasing list of crushes, joining orlando bloom, viggo mortensen, etc. i didn't really like him in the hulk (i never saw the movie in the first place, because from what i saw in the trailer, the hulk was too green). anyway, after seeing troy, i don't know. i can't find any words to describe it. well as they say, a picture's worth a thousand words, so here are some clips of eric bana:

ganado akong magsulat ngayon eh. =)

.iMmortaLity - taKe it, it's yOurs!.

troy spoilers ahead...

i've just seen troy today and it was great! great, but not uber-excellent like return of the king. i think there are two many battles, 4 or 5, if i'm not mistaken. they kinda distract the audience about the other elements of the story - agamemnon's greed, who achilles was really fighting for, etc. i've seen a few reviews of the movie today and most of them were negative comments about brad pitt - that his accent was awful, etc.

i especially loved:

eric bana as hector, how he was mad at first at his brother for kidnapping helen but in the end brotherly love still prevailed. how he loved his wife and son, and most importantly, his country.

prince hector (bana) with his wife and son

peter o'toole as king priam, his acting was superb in his scene with brad pitt, how he begged achilles to let him give his son a proper funeral.

rose byrne as briseis, her character's courage, and how she was the only woman ever to stand up to achilles. of course, they had sex afterwards, but that's a whole other story.

one of her 2 sex scenes with brad pitt

orlando bloom's character was somewhat a wimp, but in my opinion, that's who paris was supposed to be. he was a charming ladies' man, he portrayed the younger son of a great king very well. he was born in a life of royalty, and he didn't have the responsibilities his brother hector had. he was not very good with a sword, but he kicked ass in archery. also, really hot body =)

paris (bloom) entering the city with helen (diane kruger)

plus points:
+great and massive battle scenes. very realistic, blood really squirting out of people's throats, and the like. and the choreography was really good. =)
+as king priam pointed out, if power, land and honor were worth fighting for, what more for love? love for your wife, for your son, for your brother and most especially your country were well explained in this movie

minus points:
-i think there was a tad bit too much sex in this movie. achilles had sex 3 or 4 times in this movie, and he and the women he was with clearly wore no underwear. (they probably do, they just made it look like they didn't, but still, brad pitt's ass wasn't essential to the plot of the story.) sex was of course, one of the reasons this war was started, but it made the movie r-rated, which is not very good if you want the movie to do well at the box office.
-too many battles. the audience kinda gets bored after a while.
-too long. return of the king had a good reason why it was long, but troy doesn't have that much of complex storyline.

to sum it all up, it's a great movie. i think it falls just a notch below gladiator. =)

Friday, May 14, 2004

.amErica's tRibaL cOunciL.

after having lunch at mcdo (what else?), carol, kim, ging & i went back to my house to watch survivor: america's tribal council, where viewers can vote online on who their favorite all-star is and the one who gets the most votes wins a million bucks. a lot of people were saying that rupert was going to win, and sure enough, he did. *sigh*. i was kinda rooting for colby or rob cesternino but i guess america had a different opinion.

ethan zohn and jenna morasca are dating! awwwwww, they're such a cute couple! and they couldn't be more perfect for each other, i mean, both of them have won a million bucks each from survivor, they're both really hot, and from what we've seen on the show, they're nice people. here are some of their pics:

.iS it wOrth it?.

funny how 4 hours at protech can seem like four weeks. it's summer, for god's sake, and we're stuck in classroom with mr. guiao boring us to death. he is so whiny! god! "i'm worried", "i'm perplexed", "i'm confused", "i'm pressured", blah, blah, blah. like i care. i mean, that's way too much information. i didn't need to know that he's having a hard time sh*tting. (i couldn't think an appropiate term). we didn't pay 4.5k to learn about that. we enrolled because we wanted to be prepared for our college entrance exams. (cheesy, i know) sure, we're noisy, we barely listen, yada, yada, yada but he should've known that already. ugh. just writing about this is make me more depressed.